Virtual Night Science!

What puzzle are you in? A mini-workshop on ‘Science as a meta-puzzle’

After many in-person ‘Night Science’ workshops, we’re now doing a virtual session! Join us for a 2hr mini-workshop on ‘Science as a meta-puzzle’ to learn & practice changing our perspective on research ‘puzzles’. Sept. 28 at 9am EST by Zoom. Registration required:

When we actively work on a scientific problem, we have no way to be certain what kind of a puzzle we are in, or if the puzzle as we see it even has a solution.

Itai and Martin have been exploring the creative process in scientific research in editorials and a podcast. In this 2-hour mini-workshop, participants will learn and practice how to consciously change your perspective on research ’puzzles’, a useful tool for the generation of scientific ideas.
This mini-workshop is most suitable for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.


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